About us


Fenham Ensemble is an auditioned choral group which was set up in September 2016 by music director Simon Davies-Fidler. 

Simon also directs the nationally renowned 'Voices of Hope' who won the coveted Choir of the Year competition in 2016.

Based at the beautiful church of St James and St Basil in Fenham in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne, Fenham Ensemble performs a broad range of largely a capella sacred repertoire from around the world, contemporary, classical and sometimes ancient.

The FE Philosophy...

All of us in Fenham Ensemble share a real love of choral music. Although we are a voice-tested choir we constantly strive to improve our level of performance whilst having fun at the same time and enjoying each other's company socially. 

As well as weekly rehearsals during term time which take place in the wonderful acoustic of Js and Bs church in Fenham, we are also committed to practising our individual parts in our own time to minimise the amount of 'note-bashing' required during choir rehearsals.


We welcome new voices at the start of each term. Do please get in contact if you would like to join us. We'd love to hear from you. 

For an informal chat, contact Simon Davies-Fidler by email in the first instance at jsandbs.music@gmail.com